Prolux Fast Filler Hand Fuel Pump
Prolux Fast Filler Hand Fuel Pump

Prolux Fast Filler Hand Fuel Pump

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Prolux PX1650 Fast Filler Hand Fuel Pump

 for Gasoline & Nitro Fuels


New generation, compact size, fuel pump.

Double injection, using TPR material that has a comfortable feel.

Improved gear mesh and make the large flow rate 18cc/sec.

Advanced pump unit design,

Glow fuels and Gasoline are both compatible.

Includes filter fuel nozzle and 19 inch silicon fuel tubing.


Package Contents:

1 x Fuel pump

1 x Silicon fuel tubing

1 x Filter for fuel

1 x Nozzle for fuel supply

2 x Screws

Comes in Grey Color.

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