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GT Power Professional Tachometer

GT Power Professional Tachometer

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GT Power Professional Tachometer

for 2-9 Blades Prop with Strap

  Rugged and Durable Hand Held Tachometer, will Measure and Remember RPM's, Up to 9 Blades

  Display:  LED

  Blades:  2-9

  Auto Turn Off:  no signal for 1min

  Backlight Color:  blue

  Battery:  220mah replaceable lithium battery

  Weight:   39g

  Dimension:   90*54*16mm


 To measure RPM of a spinning propeller, 2-9 blades ones, memorize peak RPM data.

 Peak RPM value up to 99999


Sharp Back-light LED Screen, Highly visible under poor light conditions.

220mah removable lithium button battery included

Compact and extremely portable

Automatically shuts off when signals are not detected in a minute.


Operating Instructions:

Press “Power” button for 1 second to power on/off

Press “SET” button to set the relevant propeller blades

RPM value shown when you point the RPM sensor towards the blades 2" to 4".

Backlit LED is on/off when press “SET” button for 3 seconds uninterruptedly.

It’s normal to see the value floating during measuring, so please keep the tachometer and object stable for the precision.

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