Digital Multimeter Tester with LCD Display
Digital Multimeter Tester with LCD Display

Digital Multimeter Tester with LCD Display

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 LCD Digital Multi-meter AC DC Voltage Multi-tester

 Current Tester Luminous Display with Buzzer Function

Color: yellow+blue
ACV: 200-600V ±1.0 %
DCA: 2m-20m-200m-10A ±1.8%
OHM: 200-2K-20K-200K-2MO ±1.0%
Battery Test:1.5V
Diode Test: yes
Continuity Buzzer: yes
Transistor Test: yes
Data Hold: yes
Back-light function: yes
Size: 140 x 70 x 35mm
Package list:
1*Digital Multi-meter(without Battery)
2-Test Leads
1-User manual (in English)

1.Usage: Accurately measures DC/AC current, voltage, resistance, temperature,capacitance, diode, zero/fire wire,frequency and so on.
2. Large LCD: LCD with large digits easy to check the number.
3. Flashlight: With a flashlight, it can work in different environments.
4.Application: Widely used in electrical appliance repair,household appliance repair,home wiring engineering and so on.
5. Advantage: Ideal for commercial settings where it can handle the demands of a long workday, from the durable exterior to the wide range of heavy-duty capabilities.


Instructions for use:

1. When measuring DC voltage DCV, AC voltage ACV, tributary current, resistance, diode, battery position, the red pen is inserted into the “VOmA” jack, and the black pen is inserted into the “COM” jack.
2. When the DC current is greater than 200mA, the red pen is inserted into the “10ADC” black pen and inserted into the “COM” jack. The function switch sets the response range.
3. When measuring the triode HFE, insert the PNP tube or NPN tube into the corresponding E, B, C jacks, and put the function switch in the “HFE” position.

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