DLA 180 Twin Gas Engine Set
DLA 180 Twin Gas Engine Set

DLA 180 Twin Gas Engine Set

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DLA 180CC Twin Gas Engine
Part Number: DLA180
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New From DLA

The DLA 180

the Next Twin Powerhouse.

This engine is mainly used for fixed-wing with take-off weights (including Gasoline) not more than 44 lbs.  Its crankcase, crankshaft, central screws are all made of domestic high-performance materials by CNC processing method. With beautiful appearance, high-precision, drop resistance, fatigue resistance, good stability, and strong power performance,

 DLA 180cc Specifications

Output;  18.5HP

Cylinder Bore/ Stroke; 53MM/41MM

Speed range; 1300-6200 RPM

Pulling force; 40KG/1000 Meter altitude

Cylinder arrangement twin boxer

Fuel Gasoline + 2T synthetic oil

 Lubrication Ratio; 25:1~30: 1(trial run)

40: 1~50:1(normal flying)   92# 93# gasoline  2T synthetic oil

Compression Ratio; 9.8:1

Recommended Propeller Sizes; 34*10,32*10  32*8  34*8,  32*10 recommended

 Spark Plug DLA CM6,Iridium

Voltage 6.6v-8.4v,  2 LiPo batteries  recommended.

Weight Main engine: 3810g    Exhaust pipe: 160*2g    Ignition: 180g   Standoffs: 22*4g


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