6 Star Hobby, Transparent Fuel Tanks
6 Star Hobby, Transparent Fuel Tanks

6 Star Hobby, Transparent Fuel Tanks

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unbreakable fuel tanks
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6 Star Hobby


For Gasoline Airplanes & Nitro Airplanes


New style clear fuel tank,  with Metal Cap, pre-plumbed, excellent seal, high intensity materiel, very strong and tough.

Will not burst or leak under strong vibrations or crash.

These tanks are designed to accept Both Gas and Nitro fuels,

Plus they look great too!

Cap Colors are RANDOM, You may request a specific color, If I have one, you'll get it.



Metal Air inlet/ Fuel inlet:  4.5mm

Metal Fuel Outlet:  5mm

Metal Fuel Tank Cap

NOW 8 Sizes Available

    9 oz      

 Dimension:  151mm * 50mm * 50mm (L*W*H)     

Weight:  58g

Suitable for 15-20cc gas/nitro

Please note that the 9 oz Tank only has 1 port on top.


  10 oz

    Dimension:  138 * 56 * 56mm (main size)

Net Weight: 76g

Suitable for 15-26cc gas/nitro

Temporarily, OUT OF STOCK


   12 oz

Currently Out Of Stock  

Dimension:  177mm * 58mm * 58mm (L*W*H)    

Weight:  65g

 Suitable for 26-40cc gas/nitro


14 oz

    Dimension:  160mm * 60mm * 60mm (L*W*H)    

Weight:  85g

Suitable for 30-40cc gas/nitro


       17 oz        

Dimension:  185mm * 62mm * 62mm (L*W*H)     

Weight:  96g

Suitable for 50-70cc gas/nitro


24 oz 

Dimension:  194mm * 70mm * 70mm (L*W*H)    

Weight: 105g

Suitable for 50-70cc gas/nitro

     34 oz    

Dimension:  220mm * 75mm * 76mm (L*W*H)     

Weight:  118g

 Suitable for 85-120cc gas/nitro


52 oz

Out Of Stock  

Dimension:  223mm * 90mm * 90mm (L*W*H)    

Weight:  145g

Suitable for 150-200 gas/nitro


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