2in1 1-8s Lipo Battery Voltage Tester
2in1 1-8s Lipo Battery Voltage Tester

2in1 1-8s Lipo Battery Voltage Tester

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2in1 1-8s Lipo Battery Voltage Tester
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 2in1 - 1-8s Lipo Battery Voltage Tester  

This is used for self-checking a Lipo/Li-ion/LiMn/Li-Fe

1S-8S Battery.

Detect the voltage of each battery cell automatically, internal reverse polarity protection.

Lets you know the working state of your battery anytime,

Protect your batteries from overcharge and over discharge.

 The red LED will flash, the buzzer will beep when the voltage is below the set point

The factory default setting is 3.3V, press the button to change the voltage setting,

and it will save your current setting automatically.


Works with, Lipo / Li-ion / LiMn / Li-Fe 1-8 Cell Batteries

Voltage detection accuracy: + _ 0.01 V.

Voltage display range: 0.5 to 4.5 V

Display range of total voltage: 0.5 ~ 36 V

S voltage range in test mode 1 s: 4-15 V

Low voltage alarm mode for 2-8 S

Alarm Value Range: Off ~ 2.7 ~ 3.8V




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