1.75' Aluminum Alloy Bullet Spinners
1.75' Aluminum Alloy Bullet Spinners

1.75" Aluminum Alloy Bullet Spinners

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1.75" Aluminum Alloy Bullet Spinners
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Want a Different and Cool Spinner for that unique look.

When a standard spinner just won't do!

Tired of adjusting the prop slots to fit your prop.

 Aluminum Alloy Bullet Spinner


For DLE30/35RA/55, DA50/EVO54, MLD35/70,

EME35/55/60, DA50/60, DLA32/56/58/64,

             EVO54/58, 3W50/55, MVVS58, & JC5 engines.          


CNC and Anodized processed.  

Quick and easy installation:

The bottom plate has drilled with the 4 bolt pattern for the engines listed.

The screw is standard size of DLE Engines.




Diameter of Bottom Plate:1.75in/45mm

Dia. of opening in Bottom Plate:10mm

Screw:M5*45mm(screw thread length:22mm)

Net Weight: 61g

 These come in Black, Red, Blue and Silver.

Not all colors are always in stock but we will note any shortages.

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