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 Single Super Switch with Light

Single Super Switch with Light

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Single Switch/Charge Switch with Charging Hole and Filler Nozzle for Gasoline or Nitro Fuels


Product Description:

   Material:  Plastic

  Weight:  30g

  Switching Current:  15A

  Cable length:  15cm (22 # silicone line)

   Input:  Universal connectors

   Output:  Universal connectors

   Installation size:  40 * 20mm

   With installing screw, the aperture distance is 48.5mm.

This Switch also has a red indicator light when switch is on!

 Switch can be used for gasoline, methanol aircraft.

You can use the included charging cable for nickel-hydrogen batteries, 2S lithium battery, A123 battery charging directly via plug on rear of switch.

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